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How to germinate seeds at home


For us here at Patience Fruit & Co, “slow living” is central to our philosophy. We take the time to grow and prepare our delicious berries with meticulous care, and we take the time to savour them. We cherish the deep belief that it’s better to do things well than to do them fast, so we let nature set the pace. We believe it’s important for all of us to take the time to do things well, the time to slow down our daily routines.

And that’s why today we’d like to talk about a practice that’s an integral part of slow living: germination, or sprouting seeds. One company we’re especially fond of is Passion Santé. Click over to their website to see various forms of germination. Here are some of their super tips to help you germinate seeds at home, step by step.

The Steps to Germinate Seeds Easily

  1. Choose your seeds and soak them in water for the specified time (see seed chart).
  2. Drain off the water. Rinse seeds thoroughly and cover with perforated lid.
  3. Rinse seeds thoroughly morning and evening and drain. Cover again with perforated lid.
  4. At the end of the germination period, your sprouts will be ready to eat. You can keep left-overs in the fridge, covered with the solid lid. Check the chart for the number of days you can keep the sprouts, which is the same as the germination period.


All healthy seeds will sprout. It’s nutritious, delicious and easy – and what a treat to watch your micro-greens grow on the kitchen counter! (Trust us on this – you’ll see.)


Sprouts can be added to many recipes. For starters, we suggest two yummy Patience Fruit & Co recipes that include micro-greens: our All-Dressed Bagel with Tempeh Cretons and Asian-Style Express Salad Bowl.


Watching things grow is such fun. Try different seeds and have a blast!



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