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With their fruity flavours and refreshingly tangy taste, these little treats are berry delicious.

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Dried fruits

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We make sure our little berries are as good for you as they are for the planet: respectful harvest, light pressing, delicate slow drying. We infuse every last bite with love, bringing you the softest, juiciest and tastiest cranberries, blueberries and mixed fruits possible.

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Pure juices

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No added sugar or water, all the pure fruit flavour. Enjoy in cocktails, smoothies or whenever you need a refreshing pick-me-up.

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Frequently asked questions

Do your products contain peanuts?

Our products are peanut-free. For more information concerning the ingredients of a product and the risks of possible allergies, we suggest you take a look at the file of the concerned product.

Where do the fruits used in your products come from?

The vast majority of the fruits used in our different products are from local producers in Quebec. From our cranberries to our wild blueberries, we work almost exclusively with local producers!

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Local product

Our products are manifactured with 100% canadian cranberries and blueberries and grown by local farmers.