SourCran: When fruit is candy

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Introducing SourCran: a tangy new cranberry that tastes like Sour candy, perfect for snacking at absolutely any time of day.

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Traditionally, cranberries are cut in half before they are dried. Our line of organic fruits snack offers bigger berries that have been delicately dried to preserve their unique flavour and allow you to savour plumper, more tender cranberries. Sliced or whole, it’s up to you!

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Our 100% pure juices, with no added sugar or water, are both revitalising and refreshing. They are simply perfect for improving your smoothies, cocktails and other favourite drinks.

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Want to vary your daily pleasures? Discover our assortments of snacks, allowing you to add a unique flavour to each of your days. To spark the pleasure of your taste buds, take advantage of our discovery bundle! Let’s all take the time to comfort ourselves with 100% natural, delicious and assorted dried fruits made for all tastes.

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Our digital gift cards are the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday, a special event or to thank a loved one. It will be sent by email to the recipient on your chosen delivery date.

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A way of cultivating in harmony with the rhythm of nature

Let’s take a lesson from nature and relearn how to take our time! To enjoy the long-term benefits, we too, have decided to be more gentle and patient. That’s why we opted for a more respectful cranberry crop, using no pesticides or fertilizers. Each fruit is the result of a patient, persevering and harmonious harvesting!

Our unique drying process

Thanks to our ecological cultivation, we have managed to grow bigger and naturally tasty cranberries. Plus, our innovative drying process has allowed us to preserve their juicy and soft texture. With every bite, you get all the nutritional value of the fruit while enjoying its flavour and freshness!

Berries, some time and lots of fun

All our berries, juices and assortments are the result of patience and thoroughness. The result: an ideal blend for sharing quality moments with family, friends, or with yourself. Plus, the ingredients are simple and natural. They respect both your body and the environment!

Canneberge qui sert à faire les bonbons aux fruits

Frequently asked questions

Do your products contain peanuts?

No, most of our products are peanut-free. For more information concerning the ingredients of a product and the risks of possible allergies, we suggest you take a look at the file of the concerned product.

Where do the fruits used in your products come from?

The vast majority of the fruits used in our different products are from local producers in Quebec. From our cranberries to our wild blueberries, we work almost exclusively with local producers!

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Our cranberries are a 100% made in Quebec, inspired and grown by local farmers.