Cranberry Juice Cocktails: 5 Ideas


 5 Cranberry Cocktail Ideas

Moments in good company are synonymous with freshness, fruity flavours, and creative cocktails. Are you looking for original ideas for pairing your cranberry juice with your favourite spirits? Discover 5 cranberry cocktail ideas to try at home!

Arm yourself with your cranberry juice and the essential bottles in your minibar, and explore your skills as a mixologist.


1. Cranberry mimosa 

Cranberry mimosa 

This brunch classic continues to reinvent itself! Paired with cranberry juice, the mimosa offers a sweet yet tangy taste that will brighten up your days, aperitifs, and evenings.

For a decorative touch, serve it with a sprig of rosemary and fresh cranberries. And to enjoy it as a mocktail, simply replace the alcohol with sparkling water!


2. Cranberry punch

Cranberry punch

A must for brunches, afternoons, and evenings in good company, punch is a festive drink to be enjoyed year-round. Its main advantage: it can be prepared a thousand and one different ways!

To give it a whole new flavour, we propose adding pure cranberry juice. With its tart touch, the cranberry pairs perfectly with the sweet notes for a nice blend of flavours.

Experience it for yourself by trying our recipe for pink lemonade punch with cranberry juice. It’s also perfect in a mocktail version for events with children or baby showers!


3. Sangria with cranberry juice

Sangria with cranberry juice

We also propose a cranberry cocktail for special celebrations: sangria! With its citrus fruits and spicy taste, it livens up your events with taste and character.

To explore it from another angle, try it with pure organic cranberry juice! Discover our homemade recipe to prepare your cranberry sangria in its ideal form.


4. Cranberry Mint Julep

Cranberry Mint Julep

Do you know this delicious drink from the United States? Inspired by the mojito, it replaces the rum with bourbon and makes for an ideal cocktail for summer days!

Prepared with pure organic cranberry juice, your drink will be embellished with fruity notes that go perfectly with the mint. To create this cranberry juice cocktail at home, check out the special Mint Julep recipe from Patience.


5. Aperol Spritz with cranberry juice

Aperol Spritz with cranberry juice

Often enjoyed in the summer on a patio, the Aperol Spritz can be revisited in a delicious winter version! Add a splash of cranberry juice and clementine juice to the original recipe to give it a new flavour, as well as some zest to accompany the cold weather.

A delicate, sparkling cocktail that elegantly highlights the end-of-year celebrations!


The cranberry in all its forms

Delicious fresh, dried, or as juice, the cranberry never ceases to amaze us with its great taste, its versatility, and its benefits! In a cocktail, in a mocktail, or simply on its own, it refreshes while allowing us to enjoy its many virtues

Would you like to discover all the possible ways to prepare this delicious fruit? Explore our other cranberry cocktail recipes to try it in all its forms in your kitchen!


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