10 recipe ideas for healthy school snacks


So you’re looking for ideas to add variety to snacks throughout the week? There’s really no shortage of healthy and nutritious alternatives. Patience Fruit & Co has 10 healthy school snack ideas for you, to help add new flavours, shapes, and fun to your child’s lunchbox.


What makes a great healthy snack ?

Fresh, made in advance, simple, or even more complicated, tasty snacks can come in an infinite amount of forms. They’re perfect for a break during your busy day and top up your energy levels to help you get through it.

To keep your concentration levels up as well as fill you up until the next meal, it is essential to pick a good mix of ingredients. Thus, you will ensure the right input of nutrients for your child’s wellbeing throughout the day. 

While preparing your kids’ snacks, think of including a mix of : 

  • Fruits, vegetables, or cereals : carbohydrates provide fibres, minerals and vitamins ;  
  • Dairy products or equivalent ingredients which provide proteins.

By combining quality products from these food categories, you will ensure your children stay energized and keep their concentration while satiating their appetite all day long! 

To find out more, check out the governmental guidelines to make sure you provide the most nutritional value to your snacks. 


No-prep snacks

For starters, here a few healthy snack suggestions that take seconds to prepare. They are ideal for the busiest of days, while providing you with a healthy solution!

1.High-energy dried fruit and nuts blend

A mix of nuts and dried fruit is both simple and works wonders. Along with an energy boost for your children, it will also allay their hunger til their next meal.


2. Yogurt, granola, chocolate, and fruit

Put together in two minutes and ready-to-eat, everybody loves granola, which includes a range of healthy ingredients to get you through the day. For this healthy school snack, stock up on granola, yogurt, and some chocolate chips. As a final touch, you can add a few slices of fresh banana and dried cranberries!


3. Granola bars 

Granola bars are an ideal snack for kids when we’re short on time to prepare them ourselves.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but do check the list of their ingredients. Prefer granola bars that have healthy ingredients and a good ratio of carbohydrates to fibre and protein. Try out our dried fruits and chocolate bar recipe to get a nutritionally well-balanced snack.


Low-prep healthy snacks

In order to prepare your own snacks without spending your whole morning on them, here are a few ideas that take less than 5 minutes! 

4. Granola and smoothie

A breakfast classic, granola, and smoothies can also be adopted as healthy snacks! A perfect mix of protein (yogurt and whole grains), fibres (fruit and cereal) and carbohydrates (fruit and honey or maple syrup), it will satiate any appetite. Discover some of our home recipes: our cranberry and hibiscus smoothie or our blueberry smoothie bowl.


5. Chia pudding

Chia seeds bring a unique touch to pudding, which takes on another form, becoming both sweet and crunchy. Combined with their favourite ingredients, it can turn into a great healthy snack for kids. Ready in minutes, it will nonetheless require resting time in the fridge (around 30 minutes).

For your first go at making pudding, try out our recipe for chocolate chia and granola pudding


6. Tofu spread with crackers 

In this ranking of healthy school snacks, you can also consider protein spreads. Served up with crackers or slices of bread, you really can’t go wrong. In order to make your very own tofu spread, read and make our recipe here.


7. Complete fruit salad

To finish our suggestions of healthy school snacks ready in under 5 minutes, don’t forget fruit salads! When made with a variety of seasonal fruit and fresh juice, your children can enjoy the benefits of a colourful and vitamin-rich snack to get them through the day. For inspiration, see our recipe for fruit salad and cherry juice


Snacks needing prior preparation

When you have a bit of time on your hands and can prepare your kids’ school snacks, here are a few healthy ideas to shake up the weekly menu.  

8. Nutritious cookies 

Adored by kids, cookies can also become a good source of nutrients during the day. When made at home with a mix of healthy and nutritional ingredients, you’ll ensure your whole family’s tastebuds will be fulfilled and their appetites satiated. 

Take inspiration from our range of cookie recipes: Cranberry, white chocolate and nuts, dark chocolate and oatmeal to start off. 


9. Pecan, chia and dried cranberry bites


Easy to make, full of nutrition and delicious to eat, these bites are great at allaying hunger. Made from nuts, dried fruit, grains, peanut butter and a touch of honey, you’ll concoct a perfectly balanced and healthy school snack.

It’s your turn to experience this great protein bite recipe.


10. Sweet or Savoury Muffins

Sweet or savoury muffins are excellent snacks when hunger strikes. What’s more, everybody really loves them. Explore and compare our sweet back-to-school muffins recipe and its savoury version with cheese, nuts and sea salt & pepper.


Flavour, enjoyment, and balance : the formula for an outstanding healthy snack!

Whether chocolaty, savoury, spicy or tart, snacks fill our stomachs and fulfill our cravings when they are well put together! With a head full of school snack ideas, you can plan a varied menu of daily treats that will satisfy any appetite.

Still looking for more inspiration for your snacks? Discover all our cranberry and small fruit recipes for more ideas !


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