Organic Fresh Whole Cranberries

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freeze whole bags of fresh cranberries and enjoy them all year in your smoothies, muffins and more!

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Nothing but goodness!

We practice organic farming, which means we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, nor any chemical artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Polyphenols are naturally present in organic cranberries. 192.5mg of polyphenols per 55-g serving. This is why we only harvest our berries when they are fully grown and their colour shines bright, which is when their polyphenol level is at its highest.

A year-round treat

Organic fresh cranberries can be frozen directly in their packaging. This way, you can easily stock up on them and cook them when they are still frozen. Because cranberries contain very little sugar, you can sweeten them with honey, maple syrup, or another type of sugar.

Versatile goodness

Fresh cranberries can be prepared according to your mood: in a smoothie or jam for breakfast, in a crumble or simply dipped in chocolate for dessert. Should you prefer savoury dishes, you can use them to jazz up your homemade cranberry sauce. There is a large choice of cranberry recipes !

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Local product

Our cranberries are a 100% made in Quebec, inspired and grown by local farmers.

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