Five great yoga retreats where you can go to recharge your batteries


In this ridiculously busy world, sometimes you just need to give yourself a bit of a break. Stow some stuff in your backpack and take off for a place where you can let your hair down for a week or two. We guarantee you’ll come home feeling totally refreshed.

We’ve found five very special yoga retreats around the world that offer not only a range of great activities but also some spectacular views. Choose one of these heavenly destinations to take stock and unwind. Welcome to paradise!


1 – Costa Rica – Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary

Picture yourself lounging in a hammock, immersed in the fresh, warm air of a peaceful tropical forest, listening to the burbling of a natural waterfall and feeling at one with nature.

Way up high in a lush ecological reserve in Costa Rica, Samasati offers an unparalleled encounter with nature and local culture. Enjoy daily yoga classes and a full range of activities, including surfing in the Caribbean, hiking and diving. If you’re looking for variety, look no further!

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2. Mexico – Haramara Retreat

Longing to unplug your devices and not have to make any decisions for a week? Then the place to go is Haramara Retreat, in the village of Sayulita in the Mexican jungle. The owner has created an environment that fosters well-being in a landscape that’s part jungle, part beach, not to mention yoga and relaxation. At mealtime, enjoy a unique gastronomic experience as you savour vegetarian meals with a local flavour.

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3. Bali – Oneworld Retreat

This is the sanctuary that inspired several famous writers, including the author of Eat, Pray, Love. This eco retreat in the Ubud hills of Bali will bring out the princess or prince in you! Meals are prepared by a chef who’s happy to humour your every culinary wish. Let yourself be spoiled and just soak up the TLC.


4. Nicaragua – Sathi Retreat

Yoga, surfing and fun: that’s what the super-nice yoga instructors at Sathi Retreat aim to give visitors. If you want to laugh, get moving and have a great time, this is definitely the place to go! Located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, it’s been a popular vacation destination for years. Surfers will be delighted to learn that they have access to the beach and equipment for riding the world’s best waves.


5. Thailand – Museflower Retreat & Spa

Located in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, this retreat aims to help you find inner peace. Combining yoga, relaxation, spirituality and nature, the practice of yoga becomes an accessory to make happiness an integral part of your life.

If you aspire to reach a higher level of consciousness through meditation and creative workshops, you can opt for a spiritual retreat with a professional holistic guide by your side.


Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll come home from your yoga retreat with indelible memories. Discover the world and transform your heart, spirit and soul! Namaste.


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