Earth Day: How to make a difference 365 days a year


Earth Day is coming up on April 22 – the most high-profile environmental event in the world! But as we all know, the point is not just making a difference on one particular day, but keeping that spirit 365 days a year.

Here are some concrete steps you can take to brighten the future of our dear Earth (the only one we have!) all year round.


1. Sign up for a community garden plot

Apartment dwellers, are you dreaming of growing your own luscious tomatoes but you don’t have access to a piece of land? How about getting involved in a community garden? Not only is it a great way to “eat local” and reduce the pollution caused by transporting food from afar, it also means you can get into organic farming (on a small scale). Also, you’ll get to know the people in your neighbourhood. If there’s no community garden where you live, why not start one?


2. Share with your neighbours

Your coffee table really needs refinishing but you don’t have a sander? People often buy a tool, use it once and then let it gather dust in the hall closet. But you know, those nice neighbours or your friend who lives around the corner may very well have exactly the item you need. Whether it’s a saw, a food processor, a drill or even a badminton racket, borrowing is a great way to avoid unnecessary consumerism – as long as you return the item when you’re done with it, obviously!


3. Set up a carpooling group

How crazy is it that four people from the same part of town hit the road alone in their cars every morning, heading for more or less the same destination? If there are no carpooling arrangements at your workplace or for sports or any other club you belong to, you really need to get this organized. Who knows – one of your colleagues you thought lived far away could turn out to be your next-door neighbour!

Composting is the best way to recycle

In 2018, it’s high time everyone put their garbage cans on a diet and started composting. Besides reducing the volume of your garbage by about 40%, composting means all those fruit and vegetable scraps and peels can be turned into natural fertilizer that’s perfect for the garden. And when you produce less garbage, you don’t need so many garbage bags – yet another good reason to start composting now.

Did you know that from April 19 to July 15, 2018, IGA/IGA extra is distributing rainwater barrels and composters at reduced prices through 219 IGA stores in Quebec and New Brunswick? This is your golden opportunity to make a real difference 365 days a year! To sign up, just click through this link:


5. Say yes to “second-hand” stuff

Sick and tired of looking at that beat-up old kitchen table? Before you put it out at the curb, remember that someone else might want it. So don’t throw it out – post it on a second-hand site. And while you’re there, look for a new table! Buying used is a terrific way to give things a second life. On the Internet, at second-hand shops, garage sales, flea markets – your cast-offs can be someone else’s “find”!  Don’t just drag them to the dump without thinking.  


Helping your community to grow greener will make you feel more connected. So join a committee, sign up for a local environmental group, and share these tips with everyone you know!

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