Organic Whole Dried Cranberries, Sweetened with Apple Juice

Slowly grown

150 mg of polyphenols per 40g portion

Polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries.

source of fiber, additive free, sulfite free, gluten free

Made in a peanut free facility

Ingredients : Cranberries*, Sugars* (apple juice concentrate*), Sunflower oil* (Less than 1%) (*Organic).


Nothing but goodness!

We practice organic farming, which means we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, nor any chemical artificial fertilizers or pesticides. It’s a health benefit !

Polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries. 90mg of polyphenols per 40g portion.

Naturally tender

We believe that doing things right is better than rushing through them. This is why our organic berries are harvested with care and slowly dried. This drying process yields a juicier, softer, better berry for you to savour and enjoy.

Flavour you can savour... and cook with !

These gently sweetened dried cranberries are the perfect snack and can be slowly savoured, adding a touch of sweetness to your favourite mixed nuts or seeds. And because our organic cranberries are bigger, many like to cook with them.

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Local product

Our products are manifactured with 100% canadian cranberries and blueberries and grown by local farmers.