SourCran Raspberry Candy

Real Dried Cranberries

Polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries.

8g of sugar per bag

very high source of fibre, no artificial flavours or colours, without gelatin

Made in a peanut free facility

Naturally gluten-free



Dried unsweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, corn and/or tapioca dextrine soluble fibre, glycerin, organic sunflower oil), Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Organic natural flavour.


Goodness in every bite

It’s time to reinvent your relationship with snacking. Gone are the days of guilty pleasures and sneaking around the kitchen after midnight – there’s certainly no guilt to be found here! SourCran raspberry candy is “candy” in name only, with just 8g of sugar per 60g bag plus a healthy dose of fibre. Since we work at nature’s pace, our organic cranberries are perfectly sweet and satisfying all on their own. That also means we don’t use artificial pesticides or fertilizers to rush things along: mother nature already has the process down to a science.

GMO free

Naturally gluten free

Fibre rich

Bring your bliss with you

Give your day a little razzle-dazzle, no matter what you’re up to. Our sour raspberry candy comes in ultra-portable packs that can easily fit in your purse, lunch bag, or back pocket as you make your way from kitchen to couch. At Patience, we believe that any time of day is the perfect time for some feel-good indulgence, so pop open a pack whenever the mood hits and savour the moment. You’ve earned it.

An all-natural bite

s it just us, or are ingredient lists getting longer and longer? We’re pushing back against complex, unpronounceable ingredients with a back-to-basics approach. We’re all about letting nature do its thing, from avoiding GMOs to adding as little as possible to our already-perfect cranberries. With Patience, what you taste is what you get: dried organic berries with a handful of natural ingredients to add a touch of raspberry tartness. It’s the very best way to satisfy your snack cravings while taking your wellness into account.

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Local product

Our cranberries are a 100% made in Quebec, inspired and grown by local farmers.