Sour dried cranberries Raspberry flavoured

Real Dried Cranberries

Polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries.

8g of sugar per bag

very high source of fibre, no artificial flavours or colours, without gelatin

Made in a peanut free facility



Dried unsweetened cranberries (cranberries*, corn dextrine soluble fibre, glycerin, sunflower oil*), Canne sugar*, Citric acid, natural flavour. (*Organic)


Part cranberry. Part raspberry. All sour.

New BFFs: raspberry and cranberry.
There’s a new sour snack in town! No artificial ingredients, just tender dried cranberries and summery raspberry flavour in every bite. Natural fruit flavours with a big sour punch that will make you feel like a kid all over again.

A healthy snack made with patience and love

At Patience, we believe in slowing down to enjoy more of life. Our cranberries are grown and harvested according to their natural cycles, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides to accelerate the process. You can taste the difference in every bite, turning snack time into a moment to reflect and reconnect.

Enjoyment anytime and anywhere

You never know when the urge to snack will strike! That’s why our sour dried cranberries come in such easy-to-carry packages. Slip them into gym bags, backpacks or even pockets and be ready for every craving.

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Local product

Our products are manifactured with 100% canadian cranberries and blueberries and grown by local farmers.