SourCran Candy – Build your own 12 pack

Designed for SourCran fans, this customizable set lets you build your dream pack. Whether you’re stuck on a special flavour or you prefer to have variety, you get to choose the flavours that make up your pack!

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SourCran Candy – Build your own 6 Pack

Our assorted SourCran sets are ideal for those who can’t settle for just one flavour. You’ll discover why our candies made with real cranberries delight those who have tasted them. You can build this 6-pack according to your taste!

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SourCran Raspberry Candy

Next time you’re feeling like a treat, reach for something you can feel great about. Our SourCran raspberry candy delivers all the sweet, tart, and tangy taste you’d expect to find in the snack aisle – but with real fruit at its core! We owe it all to our organic cranberries, which are slowly and lovingly grown, harvested, and dried. Grab a pack of this raspberry sour candy to quench your cravings the healthy way.

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SourCran Watermelon Candy

SourCran is changing the sweet snacking game, leaving artificial ingredients behind in favour of real fruit. We’ve created a sour watermelon candy that puts our organic dried cranberries front and centre, in all of their naturally sweet glory.

They’re just as delicious and satisfying as typical candy, without the endless list of additives that’s impossible to pronounce. With just 8 grams of sugar per 60 gram bag, lots of healthy fibre, and 70% organic ingredients, SourCran has proven that snacking really can taste as good as it feels!

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SourCran Strawberry Candy

With our new line of low-sugar candy, we are changing the face of sweet snacking. Our SourCran sour strawberry candy is a revamped approach that puts real fruit front and centre. It all starts with our organic dried cranberries you already know and love, to deliver that crave-worthy sweet and tart flavour, the healthy way.

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SourCran Cherry Candy

We believe that snacking should taste as great as it feels, which is why we’ve placed the goodness of nature at the heart of our new cherry flavored candy. Instead of an endless list of ingredients you can barely pronounce, our irresistible SourCran Cherry snacks are made with natural ingredients. Simple, and cherry-tastically good!

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SourCran Peach Candy

If you love fruit as much as we do, you’ve probably come across a particularly delicious one and thought, “this tastes just like candy!” We’ve taken that moment of pure joy to a whole new level with our SourCran sour peach candy, creating a candy-like snack out of real dried fruit. A snack that packs a sweet and sour punch to satisfy all your cravings!

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