Slowly grown


Organic pure cherry juice not from concentrate


Dilute to taste with water or other juice (apple, white grape, orange,…).

The presence of a natural deposit may be noticed. Shake well.

product of canada

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Nothing but goodness!

We practice organic farming, which means we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, nor any chemical artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Polyphenols are naturally present in tart cherries. 193 mg of polyphenols per 250 ml serving.

Naturally delicious

Because we only use fruits that have reached their optimum ripeness, our tart cherries are naturally sweet and delicious! Bright red in colour and intensely flavourful, these cherries have a unique taste and are simply mouth-watering.

Perfect on its own

Our tart cherry juice contains only the natural sugar occurring in the fruit, making it delicious as is! Plus, it is refreshing and energizing, so why do without it?

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Une filiale de Fruit d'or

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