Seven ways to really relax this summer and get that vacation feeling


Just because you’re not going on vacation till August – or not at all – doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the summer. The season seems to whiz by in a flash, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you recharge your batteries whenever you like and feel as though you’re on vacation even if you’re not…


1. Take a bike ride on a country road

Cycling with the wind in your hair, lifting your face to the sun for a few seconds and closing your eyes – what a great way to relax! For some reason, the combination of physical activity and the great outdoors has a totally relaxing effect on the whole body. And it gives you that feeling of going on an adventure. What a wonderful way to leave real life behind for a few hours.


2. Eat outside as often as you can

Enjoying a meal on the balcony is almost as special as going on a magical vacation. Summer seems to get shorter every year, and if you wait till the weekend to eat outside, you may be disappointed if the weather fails to cooperate. Besides breaking your routine, eating outside feels like you’re making the most of every minute, even if you have to head back to work the next morning.


3. Head for a festival in an unfamiliar place

There’s no shortage of festivals in the summer, but we often go to the same festivals year after year – the ones we’re familiar with. This year, why not do something different and go a festival in a place you don’t know much about? It’s so much fun discovering a new part of the country!


4. Take a spontaneous trip or a mini vacation

The holidays are really a state of mind! Whether you decide to take a road trip somewhere different with the “girls,” go camping, visit wineries or dairy bars, spontaneous trips are a great way to enjoy your summer and really let your hair down.


5. Organize a theme-based potluck

What’s the secret of a successful party? Good friends, great food, and – yes! – the best sangria in town! But instead of a traditional potluck, why not go with a theme this summer? A potluck with Mexican or Moroccan dishes, for instance… Sharing great food with people you love – there’s no better way to feel fully in the moment, shed your stress and discover a new culture.


6. Spent a day at the beach

For some people, it’s not a vacation unless you have white sand and blue sea. If that’s not on the agenda this year, why not visit a nearby beach? You can get a bit of a tan, swim in the lake and get that seaside feeling, if only for a day. But don’t forget the sun spray and insect repellent, just in case.


7. Try a new restaurant

Want to feel like you’re on a trip, just for one evening? Then visit a new restaurant. Going beyond your comfort zone is the best way to unplug from “real” life. Of course, you’ll want to call ahead to reserve a table on the patio!


This summer, you can get that holiday feeling every day! Enjoy all those little moments that make up the perfect summer’s day, and night.


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