Today’s top 8 yogis – the ones you absolutely must follow on Instagram


As you know, we adore all the philosophies that promote slow living in any way, big or small. Which explains our great interest in yoga. Today we’d like to introduce you to our top 8 yogis, who are burning up Instagram these days. Why 8, not 10? Good question! We just liked the sound of it, that’s all. One thing for sure, looking around their accounts will definitely make you want to practice your favourite Asana – or maybe even become a yoga master yourself!


1. Melanie Torres | @headstandandheels

Melanie’s account is just bursting with colour! She tells how she defines well-being through her inspirational postings. Gorgeous lifestyle photos, shots of yummy food and yoga – that’s what you’ll find on her feed! And her yoga outfits leave us speechless…

Photo credit: @headstandandheels


2. Sydney & Kaitlyn | @yogatwins

These two friends from Toronto have a totally impressive Instagram account. Besides regular postings on great yoga postures, the Yoga Twins tirelessly sing the praises of a balanced, healthy, active lifestyle. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve?


Photo credit: @yogatwins


3. Annie Langlois | @annielangloisyoga

Yoga teacher, world traveller and devoted mother, Annie divides her time between Bali and Montreal. Subscribe to her account and enter her spiritual universe. You’ll also get to meet her totally adorable daughter!


Photo credit: @annielangloisyoga


4. Briohny Kate Smyth | @yogawithbriohny

Briohny, who grew up in Asia, has a great philosophy: she sees life as a magnificent adventure! You’ll love her radiant personality and the fantastic photos of her kids, who are really cute, with their mother’s sunny smile. Plus yoga postures photographed in unexpected places…


Photo credit: @yogawithbriohny


5. Daniel Scott | @danielscottyoga

This fascinating yogi approaches yoga in such a playful way! It’s a wonderful alternative to traditional yoga. His postures are impressive and his enthusiasm is contagious! You’ll want to look around his Instagram.


Photo credit: @danielscottyoga


6. Mandy Martini | @mandymartini

Los Angeles-based Mandy welcomes you into her own private world. You’ll love the lifestyle photos, healthy-yummy food and California beaches on her feed. Mandy gets everyone “California dreamin’”!


Photo credit: @mandymartini


7. Jessie Shapiro | @yogawithjessie

Jessie’s impressively acrobatic, bursting with good vibes and well-being. She teaches yoga in New Jersey and conveys her radiant self-confidence to everyone she meets. Inspiration = Jessie!


Photo credit: @yogawithjessie


8. Eve Guilbert | @eveguilbert

A Lolë ambassador, this passionate yoga lover has a perfect Instagram, where she shares magnificent lifestyle photos that will make you want to fly away, or discover new parts of Montreal you never knew about. She also posts impressive photos of various yoga postures. You’ll be envious of her talent…


Photo credit: @gennc


Now that we’ve shared our “top 8 yogis” list, be sure to let us know the names of your favourites on Instagram! Here’s hoping your inner yogi finds new inspirations galore…



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