Everything you need to know about our no added sugar dried cranberries


Ta da – AT LAST we can make our terrific announcement! We’re thrilled to tell you that our new organic no added sugar dried cranberries are beginning to appear on the shelves at your friendly neighbourhood food stores.


Our Brand New No Added Sugar Dried Cranberries Are Here!

After months of development, we’re delighted to present the fruit of our labours. Many people don’t know that sugar is added to dried cranberries to offset the natural bitterness of the berries and produce that velvety soft mouthfeel. For a few years now, we’ve offered dried cranberries gently sweetened with apple juice to meet the needs of consumers who’re looking for an alternative to refined sugar. Now we wanted to offer an option for those who’ve decided to reduce their overall sugar consumption. So we created our organic cranberries with no added sugar, which contain only 2 g of sugar per 40-g serving – sugar that’s naturally present in cranberries.

This meant finding alternatives that would preserve the soft texture and prevent the berries from drying out. And so we turned to plant-based ingredients: tapioca dextrin fibre and edible glycerin from flaxseed.


We’re incredibly proud of this product – the very first organic cranberries with no added sugar on the market! They’re great as is at snack time or as a tasty addition to your salads, cookies and other recipes. We know you’ll enjoy their soft side – and their tanginess.

While we were launching this great new product, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to revisit the visuals on the packaging for our sliced dried fruit range. So don’t be surprised if you see your favourite products sporting a whole new look. We decided to change the visual branding so you can spot them easily at the store – and so you won’t confuse them with our whole dried fruit products, which offer a different taste and mouthfeel.



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