Earth Day: our actions of the last year


All around the world today, April 22, is the most important environmental celebration on the calendar: Earth Day. As we mark this special day, we wanted to take the time to revisit the things we did right for the planet over the past year. After all – we need to act every single day, not just on Earth Day.

Both our parent company, Fruit d’Or, and Patience Fruit & Co have always made environmental practices a major priority. Ever since this company was founded on the basis of a robust ecological framework, we’ve been working on improving best practices while following and even exceeding  environmental and sustainable development standards.

Here’s a brief overview of the measures we put in place this year to help sustain this Earth of ours:

  • In October 2019, as part of a joint social reforestation project with Arbre-Évolution and with the goal of offsetting the company’s carbon emissions in 2017-2018, Fruit d’Or contributed to the planting of 329 trees and shrubs on the banks of the Surprenant waterway in Drummondville. This revegetation initiative also helped to bring the waterway back to its natural origins.


  • Along with Arbre-Évolution, we launched a contest called “A fruitful addition to your landscaping“ intended for public organizations (schools, municipalities, etc.), with the prize for one community of winning an edible landscaping project worth $6,500. Our team was proud to be there to help the students of the winning school at planting time.


  • On the Patience Fruit & Co website, we’ve added a search for points of sale for our bulk products. This makes it easy to find out where to buy our cranberries and reduce packaging.


  • To reduce the number of cars on the road and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Fruit d’Or set up a carpooling and active transit program for employees. In addition, the company added reserved parking spots for carpoolers at our plants.


  • Further to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Fruit d’Or has also added charging stations for electric cars in the parking lots at our plants.

Apart from these ecological measures taken in the past year, the company has followed many other sound practices for many years (recycling, composting, etc.). We strive to continue in this direction and find new ways and take concrete steps to lessen our ecological footprint.

Happy Earth Day!


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