Top 10 energy snacks (guaranteed to satisfy your gourmet side)


We went looking for the best easy-to-make snacks, some of which just happen to contain cranberries – and all of which your whole family will love. You’re your stomach starts to rumble at any time of day, our favourite bloggers ride to the rescue with these healthy, yummy snacks.

Happy snacking!

1. Maple Cranberry Granola Muffins from Food Nouveau

It’s 3 p.m. and your energy’s taken a dip. Be prepared with a yummy muffin full of oatmeal and fresh or dried cranberries … plus maple syrup. Marie’s a real foodie, with recipes that are bound to tickle your taste buds!

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Recipe link:


2. Healthy Cookie Bites from Oh She Glows

Looking for the best healthy vegan recipes? Head right over to the Oh She Glows website. Angela Liddon whips up these delicious cookie bites – and they couldn’t be easier to make. Delicately sweetened with banana and raised to gourmet status by a touch of chocolate – irresistible!

collations-boules-énergie-chocolat-recette-energy bites recipe - snack - recipes

Photo credit: Angela Liddon –

Recipe link:


3. Vegan Log with Cashews and Cranberries from Pure Ella

The ideal snack when you want to impress the troops? This vegan log from Ella Leche of Pure Ella. It’s dairy-free “cheese”… made from cashews — a snack with surprising yumminess and great texture… almost like cheese!


Photo credit: Ella Leche |

Recipe link:


4. Cranberry Vanilla Muffins from Seasons and Suppers

It’s MD afternoon, and the delicious scent of vanilla is wafting through the air… Our muffins are nearly ready to come out of the oven. Jennifer from Seasons and Suppers just loves this recipe for ultra-light muffins with a flavour combo that tastes like perfection.


Photo credit: Jennifer |

Recipe link:


5. Sweet and Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds from Abbey Sharp 

Pumpkin seeds make a nutritious high-protein snack. But when they’re spiced up and caramelized, they ascend to a whole new level of taste bud titillation! Nutritionist Abbey Sharp suggests this recipe for a healthy snack that’s a little bit different.


Crédit photo: Abbey’s Kitchen |


6. Almond, Cherry & Cacao Nib Breakfast Cookies from The Green Life 

Cacao and cranberries pair up perfectly in these super-healthy, super-nourishing cookies. Fibre-rich oatmeal, high-protein nut butter and applesauce add a touch of natural sweetness. Thanks to Sophie Bourdon, author of The Green Life, for this 100% satisfying snack!  


Crédit photo: The Green Life |

Recipe link:


7. Chewy Seed Nut Granola Clusters from The Gouda Life

Kelly from The Gouda Life blog makes the ideal granola to have on hand for when you’re feeling peckish. A touch of maple elevates the recipe to gourmet status,  and it’s super nourishing, with chia seeds, flax seeds and crunchy nuts – yum!  


Photo credit: Kelly Brisson |

Recipe link:


8. Pre-workout Cranberry Chocolate Coffee Energy Balls from Blond Story (French only)

Really into fitness? Try these energy balls and you’ll be hooked! Virginie from Blond Story bases the recipe on our Moka Moments mix and oatmeal. Perfect with a piping hot cup of hot chocolate!

collations-recettes-bloggeurs-canneberges-boules-énergie- energy balls- snacks-recipes-boost-energy

Photo credit: Blond Story |

Recipe link:


9. Banana Bread with Cranberries and Crunchy Almonds from K pour Katrine (French only)

Moist banana bread with crunchy almonds – a snack made in heaven! Katrine adds a zesty touch with cranberries, an unusual ingredient in banana bread.


Photo credit: K pour Katrine |

Recipe link:


10. Homemade Granola Bars – no cooking required! from Science et Fourchette (French only)

You can put these together in 15 minutes without even turning on the oven. Nutritionist Annie from Science et Fourchette says this is a beautifully balanced snack, with a touch of almond butter to offset the tanginess of the cranberries. Much better than any store-bought granola bar!


Photo Credit: Annie Ferland |

Recipe link:


There you have it – healthy snacks for any time of day and any size of appetite!


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