Five steps to simpler living


Feeling a bit breathless, as though you’re running around trying to catch up all the time? It’s no surprise so many of us feel overwhelmed in this consumer society, where everything seems to be about “performance.” How about living more simply?


1- Redefining your priorities

“What makes me happy?” The question is obvious to the point of idiocy, yet the concept is complex. Take the time to sit down with a notebook and a pencil and really think about this. “What gives me a deep feeling of well-being?” Make a list, in black and white. Those small pleasures on your list – do you have enough of those moments in your life?


2- Triaging your activities

To have more time for yourself, you need to eliminate the superfluous. For some people, that will mean unplugging from social media. For others, it will mean turning off the TV and going outside to walk for half an hour. And for still others, that will mean saying no to dinners you once felt obliged to attend and spending quality time with your sweetheart instead. Make sure you build at least one activity into your day that gives you a real sense of well-being, every day.


3- Eliminating toxic relationships

Well, yes – clearing away also applies to social relationships. Life is too short to spend it with people who make you feel bad. If you can’t get rid of all of them, at least try to spend less time in their company. And spend as much time as you can with people who bring love, well-being and inspiration into your life!


4- Owning fewer things

Living more simply also means living with less. You’ll waste less time on housework and feel less frustrated in the face of perpetual disorder. Better yet, refuse to bow to the prevailing social norms and material aspirations. It’s really a vicious circle: no matter what you have, you’ll always want more!


5- Savouring the little things

Does happiness really need to be so complicated? Living simply means enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin. It means breathing in the scent of pine trees. Having an inspirational discussion with friends around the campfire. Or having a real belly laugh, forgetting all your worries for a while.


Habits don’t change overnight, of course, but go for it – one small gesture at a time. Once you eliminate the superfluous, complicated things in your life, you’ll see what really matters.





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