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Interview with Florence Rivest, illustrator


The name behind the illustration on our SourCran cotton bags is Florence Rivest. When consulting her Instagram page, we enter her universe made of magnificent scenery and interesting characters. To learn more about her life story, we asked her a couple questions:


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When did you start having interest in art, and how did that develop?
My interest for arts developed pretty early on, with drawings on my room walls at around 2 years old. Since then, I haven’t stopped exploring new media and supports where I could express my creativity; from my desk in high school to, just recently, drawing in canoes!

You often have outdoor scenes in your illustrations. What inspires you the most about the outdoors?
I find nature provides us with the most beautiful metaphors to talk about human emotions in a sensitive way. And that for me is really important to remind us we belong in nature, and shouldn’t be separated from it.

Which technique do you use for your illustrations?
Most of my illustrations are made of gouache.

Where does your love for the outdoors come from?
I had the chance to be initiated to the great outdoors pretty early. Both my parents are also outdoor lovers, so it was obvious I would also be one myself!

What is your greatest memory spent outside?
Very difficult, I have so many! Hmm, I would say a midnight swim in the St-Lawrence river, while swimming with a bioluminescent plankton and my best friend. The water would illuminate while we were swimming, it was surreal.

Where did the idea of such colorful scenery come from for our reusable bag?
It’s inspired by the first time I saw a cranberry field, in Abitibi!



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