Holiday DIY Decor with Fresh Cranberries


The holidays are almost here. And what better way to create a festive mood than by decorating with items that bring the season home? Sure, it’s quicker to buy things ready-made, but this year we’re hoping you’ll find time to get together with friends or family to do some home-style decorating. These little moments are often the ones that make the best memories.

To up the “wow” factor, a few suggestions on how to make cranberries part of your holiday décor.

  1. Make a cranberry and popcorn garland

    So easy and so festive! You can loop garlands along a wall, horizontally or vertically, or put them on the tree. Here’s how.guirlande-canneberge-fraiche-fresh-cranberry-garland

  2. Use cranberries as edible décor

    Top your Christmas log with cranberries sprinkled with icing sugar, or coat them with white sugar for a frosted effect. It’s so easy: rinse cranberries under running water and drain. Spread cranberries on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar (make sure you coat the berries thoroughly). Set aside to dry for an hour at room temperature. They’ll look like they’ve fallen into a layer of fresh white snow!buche-noel-canneberges-givrees-deco-christmas-log-cranberry-frosted-decor-diy

  3. Serve cocktails with a cranberry spear

    To make your cocktails even more festive, spear a few cranberries with a decorative toothpick or a sprig of rosemary. Cheers!brochette-canneberges-cocktail-cranberry-skewer-diy-decor-christmas-noel

  4. A classic: floating candles circled by cranberries

    Did you know that cranberries can float, thanks to the four tiny pockets of air in every cranberry? Fill a glass container with water, add a few cuttings from the tree or other greenery, a handful of fresh cranberries and a floating candle. Presto: you’ve got a great centrepiece that’s a cinch to make and oh, so festive!DIY-Holiday-Centerpiece-027-683x1024 Photo credit:

  5. Personalized place cards

    Some metallic wire, cranberries, a few cuttings from the tree and kraft paper. That’s all it takes to make these personalized place cards. We bet your guests will be totally impressed by your attention to detail.cranberry-wreath-couronne-canneberge-marque-place-diy-decor-christmas-noel Photo credit:

This year, get creative! Home-made decorations will surprise your guests and create a fabulous ambiance for the holidays.


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