Organic Dried Cranberries with No added Sugar and Sliced

Our organic dried sliced cranberries with no sugar added are truly innovative — unique in the marketplace. Slightly tart, they have just 2g of sugar per 40g serving, naturally derived from fruit, for that soft texture everyone loves.

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Whole dried wild blueberries

Our Canadian wild dried blueberries are simply delicious and nutritious! We dry them slowly to preserve their soft texture and ensure that they burst with bright flavor. They’re certain to be an irresistible addition to your breakfasts and snacks!

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Whole Dried Fruit Blend, sweetened with apple juice

You won’t be able to resist the incredible explosion of flavors and the juicy texture in our exclusive blend of whole berries and cherries.

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Dried Sliced Cranberries, sweetened with apple juice

These cranberries are distinctly juicy, soft, and flavorful.

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Whole Dried Cranberries, sweetened with apple juice

Our Whole Dried Cranberries offers you the juiciest, most tender cranberries possible. We dry them to the perfect point: just enough so they retain their softness and their incredible texture. 

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Perfectly plant-based

All of the ingredients you’ll find inside a bag of Patience Fruit & Co organic dried fruits are 100% plant-based. We trust in nature’s bounty to create nourishing products: we use cane sugar or apple juice to add sweetness when needed, and we use tapioca fibre and edible glycerin (from flaxseed oil) to keep our sugar-free dried cranberries juicy and soft.

Naturally delicious

As organic farmers, we rely on our Northern climate and soil to produce wholesome superfoods for healthy snacking – no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified ingredients necessary. All of our organic dried fruits are packed with polyphenols, which help support a balanced lifestyle (184mg of polyphenols per 40g portion).

A variety of delicious flavours

Our collection of organic dried fruits is sure to please berry lovers of all kinds. Indulge in our whole dried wild blueberries for a taste of the wilderness, two different kinds of naturally sweetened dried cranberries, or our mix of cranberries, blueberries, goldenberries, and tart cherries for the snacker who wants it all!

Fruits séchés en pack

Frequently asked questions

If there is no added sugar in your no added sugar cranberries, why do they taste sweet?

Dried cranberries typically need some added sugar to counterbalance the fruit’s natural bitterness and tartness – but we wanted to do things differently. The final product took a significant amount of innovation, since we did not want to replace sugar with aspartame, and when we began drying cranberries with no additional ingredients involved, the texture just wasn’t right.

Following a ton of experimentation, we landed on a product with just 2g of sugar per 40g serving thanks to two plant-based ingredients: tapioca dextrin fiber and dietary glycerin.

Tapioca dextrin fiber is a soluble vegetable fiber that helps preserve the cranberry’s natural round shape while giving it a soft, chewy texture. As a bonus, this fiber is considered to be a prebiotic.

Dietary glycerin is also plant-based: the one we use is derived from linseed oil (we use a specialized process to separate the fatty acids from the glycerol). Glycerine is a clear liquid that is odourless, colourless, and tastes slightly sweet. It is used to prevent our sugar-free cranberries from drying out over time and helps them maintain a soft texture.

Which ingredients do you use for your sweetened berries?

We only use natural sweeteners in our products, namely apple juice and cane sugar.

What are polyphenols and what are their benefits?

Polyphenols are molecules that are synthesized by plants. They are found in many fruits and vegetables, including cranberries, and are a fantastic source of dietary antioxidants for us humans! Scientific studies have shown that consuming plant polyphenols over a long period of time may help protect against the development of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative diseases.

What is the shelf life of your dried fruits?

These products are safe (and delicious) to consume for up to 12 to 24 months, depending on the fruit. To extend their shelf life as much as possible, we recommend storing them in a temperate, dry place (15℃ to 18℃).