Three simple ways to put more local and organic food on your menu


Many people seem to think that eating organic food is complicated. Some even believe it’s only for the “upper crust” of society and not widely available.

Well, we’re here to demolish some of the myths about organic eating and help you incorporate more organic products into your daily meals. Coast to coast, you can find a wide variety of local organic suppliers in every region, at surprisingly affordable prices.


Organic and local – something for every budget

The price of organic products is the main obstacle, but with more and more products on offer, the price gap between conventional and organic products has narrowed significantly over the past few years.

In fact, if organic food once commanded exorbitant prices, those days are gone.

Today, you can buy organics at affordable prices — just keep track of the weekly specials on offer at most specialty stores and big-box stores. You can definitely put both fresh and processed organic products in your shopping cart without breaking the family food budget.

For the best deals, check out the circulars from your local grocery stores. Start with a few products that appeal to your taste buds and offer major health benefits too!


Where to find local organics

Local organic products are easy to find across the country. In Quebec alone, there are 3,000 companies producing more than 10,600 organic products – fresh and processed – in a full range of food categories.

Every conceivable variety of fruit and vegetable, stone-ground flour, all sorts of bread, dried-fruit snacks, organic dairy and maple products, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat – you’ll find all this and more, not only at specialty stores, but on the shelves of grocery stores in every region.

And that’s not all! In the organic world, supply chains can be kept short, so everyone who wants organic fruit and veggies can get locally grown produce all year round. Prices are generally competitive, because the shorter supply chain cuts the costs associated with going through different brokers.

“Bio” boxes are in great demand these days – a wonderful way to discover the terrific taste of organic food and the pleasure of tasting a wide range of foods. Knowing exactly where your food comes from is a big plus. You can buy direct from the farm or go to the local market and meet the farmers, face to face.

If shopping for food sometimes feels like a bit of a chore, you’ll enjoy the privilege of meeting farmers who are passionate about what they do and learning about the day-to-day realities of the companies that send us all that nourishing and delicious food. And now that it’s summer, you can even do a little sightseeing while you’re picking up seasonal products in the countryside.


A five-course menu – local and organic

From happy hour to appetizer, soup, main course and dessert, it’s easy to put local organic ingredients on the menu. Just switch in an organic ingredient whenever you make one of your usual recipes. You’ll love the fresh flavours – something a little different!

Start with a glass of organic beer or cider, a mocktail or cocktail with one or two “bio” ingredients, then serve a soup or salad starter made with veggies from the market or your farm box. Don’t forget the bread! Your guests will lap it all up. How about organic cheese, perhaps organic chicken with pasta for the main course? Your guests will love to sit around your table as they enjoy local organic fare.


Still have room for dessert? There’s an embarrassment of riches: cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, haskap berries* and more – all worthy ingredients for whipping up desserts that really taste like home.

Bonus: you can rest assured that you’re contributing to protecting the environment, eating healthy food, and boosting the local economy.

Local organic products are great, so put some on your plate today and make a point of serving them every chance you get. You’ll see – there’s nothing complicated about it!


* “camerises” in French

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