Three great ways to enjoy our Chococrunch Bites


Our new Chococrunch Bites are now on the market, so we thought this would be an ideal time to share our favourite ways of enjoying the yummy snacks. They’re perfect to eat as is, but we love to enjoy them at breakfast or snack time, too, because unsweetened cranberries and chocolate – well, that’s a winning combination! Here are our top three suggestions.


Decadent waffles

This combo’s custom-made for all of you out there who have a sweet tooth! Just add a few pieces of our new bites to your favourite waffles and presto… a fantastic breakfast! Actually, we’re positive that once you’ve tried it, this dish will become a permanent fixture on your Sunday brunch menu…



Popcorn revisited

Looking for a snack that’s a little sweet, a little salty? We’ve got you covered! Mix our bites into your favourite popcorn to add a touch of sweetness that goes great with the saltiness. If you’re looking for a simple, guilt-free snack, it’s exactly what you need!




The perfect yogurt topping

Prefer a lighter option? How about crumbling up a few of our Chococrunch Bites and sprinkling them on your favourite flavour of yogurt, along with the fruit of your choice? It’s an easy way to enjoy our great new product – the perfect yogurt topping.



Have we whet your appetite? Hope so. We’re so proud to welcome our new snacks to the Patience Fruit & Co family. If you come up with some other ways of making Chococrunch Bites part of your menu, please share them – we’re always looking for new ideas!


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