The Little Story of Patience


In the year 2000, the Le Moine family, as well as 2 other families chose to invest in organic cranberry farming in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, starting the Fruit d’Or Company. Even though at the time organic farming was not very common, and even almost non-existent, their desire for healthy, eco-friendly farming let them very quickly carve out a prime spot for themselves in the food industry.

Still, wanting more than anything to share their passion for organic cranberry farming with the world, in 2015, they decided to launch the Patience Fruit & Co. brand, an inspirational retail brand name that offers bigger, softer and juicier berries.


Cranberries: A Story of Patience

The production cycle for one cranberry is a long process, so it requires lots of patience:

– A single cranberry patch needs more than 14 months to start producing fruit!

– It takes about 3 years for a cranberry field to reach maturity and to start producing enough cranberries to be harvested.

– In the spring, the cranberry bush is one of the slowest ones to come out from dormancy. The first flowers only appear at the summer equinox, on around June 21.

– Each patch only produces a small amount of fruit, which still takes more than 3 months to reach full size and ripeness and their signature deep red color.

– In organic farming, fertilizers are slow-acting, so organic fruit takes even longer to reach maturity.



A Brand That Takes its Time

As proud ambassadors of “slow living,” the philosophy based on respecting the environment and on the notion of taking time, we do our best to apply this way of life to all our activities, starting with healthy farming methods.

We firmly believe that it’s better to do things right than to do things quickly, which is why we keep a close eye on our cranberries at every step: we plant them, tend to them, harvest them and prepare them. We also use a unique, slow pressing and drying technique that lets us respect the integrity and benefits of our fruit.


The proof is in the taste: cranberries that are bigger, softer, tastier, and of higher quality!



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