6 Good Reasons to Eat ”Local”


Many people agree that food issued from local farming often tastes much better—and it could also be more nutritious, according to some researchers. Here’s a quick look at a worldwide movement that keeps on growing: locavorism.


What Eating ”Local” Means 

Eating ”local” means trying to buy and consume fresh or processed food produced near where you live rather than from another country. Some people will prefer buying food produced in the province or town where they live, while others will choose to buy Canadian when foods are not available or off season where they live. Eating local also means buying products that fit specific criteria in terms of how the food was produced and sold (organic, ethical farming, trust in the quality of the product, packaging use, and so on.)

The term ”locavor” was coined by Jessica Prentice as part of a challenge she gave the population of San Francisco in 2005. She gave the expression the following definition: exclusively eating food that comes from within 100 miles (160 km) of your home. Since then, the movement has only kept on growing.


The Benefits of Eating Local

Eating local has several positive effects on the individual, community, economy, and environment:


1. Better quality

Choosing to eat local means enjoying better, fresher, tastier products.


2. More nutrients

Eating local means getting food that is richer in vitamins. Indeed, some studies confirm that several nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, and riboflavin may be lost in the process of transporting fresh foods over long distances, even when excellent storage practices are used.


 3. Better prices

Eating local means choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season, which are generally less expensive and more nutritious.


 4. A healthy planet

Eating local means reducing the ecological impact of transportation and the production of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, which contributes to global warming.


5. Being well-informed

Eating local means knowing where the food you eat comes from, and even sometimes getting to know the producers personally.


6. A radiant local economy

Eating local means boosting the economy and the strength of the Canadian dollar, as well as creating jobs nationally.


Taking the ”eating local” trend a step further means cultivating a garden at home. Home-gardening is another very effective way to reduce your grocery costs. You also get to enjoy produce at its absolute freshest.

Why look anywhere else when our local land has so much to offer?


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