How to live a better life with less


Do you feel like you always need more? A bigger house, nicer couch, and why not a bigger pool, while you’re at it! But what if those needs are more psychological than real? What if corporations and societal pressures are making us believe that we need more? By rejecting consumerism, some people make the choice to live differently. Here’s everything you need to know about the minimalism trend.


The art of living with less

Minimalists describe this movement as the art of living with only the essentials. You leave behind material goods to focus on the things that really matter: family, friends, your passions and dreams! Thanks to this freedom from the superfluous, you have more freedom to choose. Extreme minimalists may live with everything they own in a 20 kg backpack but those who are more realistic will simply make changes to the way they consume.


Less is more!

The benefits of minimalism are tangible ones: less time wasted, money saved and a more Zen spirit. Then you sit back and watch the opportunities unfold: maybe choose to take guitar lessons, or choose a weekend getaway at the cottage with family or you could even choose to finally take a trip to Spain! And who says we have to work a 40-hour week anyway? Fewer expenses means less work!

How to implement minimalism in everyday life?


Be mindful

How many articles of clothing are there in your closet that you haven’t worn for at least 3 months? Or worse, that you’ve never worn! How many times have you been up in arms at the sight of your overflowing dresser? Or the time you wasted scouring your kitchen cupboards for that gadget so you could zest your lemon? Being conscious of everything we own and that we buy: that’s the first step in the process.



When all of the useless things in our lives leave us feeling irritable, it’s time to de-clutter your life! That means getting rid of the things that we don’t see as valuable. One thing at a time: kitchen, clothes, the boxes under the bed, leave no stone unturned! Make 3 piles: keep, give away and throw away. As the house gets emptier, you will grow more peaceful. And no more cramming your dresser drawers closed!


Spend less… or take it one step further!

Now you have to prevent doing this one thing: refilling your home with stuff! Before buying, the real question is: do I really need it? Quality should certainly be one of your purchasing criteria. What’s the point of buying four coffee makers in one year? You could even ask yourself if your large home is really necessary: living in a smaller place is also a minimalist principle!

The best thing about this lifestyle is that it’s accessible to everyone! Accumulating object after object requires money, a resource that not everyone has, whereas we can all reduce what we already own. So, what are you waiting for?


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