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5 Ideas for Hydrating Drinks with No Added Sugar


Summer is finally here, so now we need to think about staying hydrated. Store-bought drinks are very popular, but are often very sugary and costly. Here are our tips for homemade drinks that will help you stay properly hydrated with no added sugar.


Drink homemade iced tea

On average, store-bought iced tea contains 4 to 6 teaspoons of sugar per serving of 250 ml. It goes without saying that these drinks are more like sugary soft drinks than the natural version of iced tea. However, once you taste homemade iced tea, you’ll never want to drink the powdered iced tea sold at your corner market ever again!

Quench your thirst during a heatwave with our recipe for Cranberry Earl Grey Iced Tea:

For a caffeine-free version you can offer to children, simply replace the tea with bags of caffeine-free fruit herbal tea.


Drink homemade flavoured water

You might find that only drinking plain water can get boring. To add a little flavour to your water, you can copy the flavours of store-bought flavoured waters at home—at a fraction of their cost. Just soak some dried or fresh, whole or pureed fruit, and some fresh herbs and spices in a large pitcher of cold water. Your homemade drink will have an interesting taste using only the sugar that is naturally present in these foods.

We suggest these four delicious blends of fruit and herbs to quench your thirst every day: watermelon and fresh mint, dried cranberries and rosemary, raspberries and sage, or orange and coriander.


Drinks smoothies

Smoothies are quick and fresh and can be made in just a few minutes. They can be slurped through a straw or frozen in Popsicle trays. Just throw some fresh fruit together in a blender along with milk, soy milk, or coconut milk for a cool, hydrating snacks!


Drink homemade carbonated drinks

Say goodbye to ultra-sugary store-bought carbonated drinks and put together a homemade fizzy drink. Mix three parts unflavoured sparkling water with one part 100% pure or freshly home-squeezed juice. It’s quick, naturally sweet, and delicious!


Drink water

It might seem obvious, but water should always be your go-to choice for hydration. The human body is made of about 60-70% water. A loss of only 2% of your body weight (in kg) will raise your levels of physical and mental fatigue, and may severely compromise your daily activities.

Your body needs an average of 3.2 litres of liquids per day (2.2 litres for adult women and 3 litres for adult men), and even more if you’re planning on doing physical exercise. Good news! This includes all the liquids contained in food, from soup to smoothies.

To stay properly hydrated, we suggest always keeping a bottle of water nearby so you can take a few gulps here and there throughout the day.


This summer, what will be the drink to quench your thirst?


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