How to cook fresh cranberries: 7 recipes to try


Are you wondering how to use up fresh cranberries? Delicious in all kinds of sauces, cranberries can be eaten fresh in many ways! To enjoy their benefits and discover them in a new light, we’ve prepared 7 of our favourite cranberry recipes. Made with fresh cranberries, from breakfast to dessert, to enchant your kitchen with new flavours!


Breakfast recipes

To start your day off right, there’s nothing like stocking up on vitamin C. Did you know that cranberries are an excellent source of this vitamin? Add a few of them to your favourite breakfasts, or experiment with one of our breakfast recipes made with fresh cranberries.


1. Cranberry jam

An essential on the table in the morning, jam is naturally our first choice when it comes to preparing a fruity breakfast! With our cranberry jam recipe, enjoy waking up sweetly with new flavours. To be enjoyed without moderation on bread, in your breakfast bowls, or in any other jam-based dish.


2. Cranberry and caramel brioche

Baking with cranberries is possible! Brioche is always welcome on the breakfast table. You weren’t thinking of adding a little fruit to it, were you? However, we can assure you: it’s a real treat!

With this caramel brioche recipe made with fresh or frozen cranberries, add a touch of novelty to your breakfasts or during brunch with this secret ingredient!


Appetizer and main course recipes made with fresh cranberries

The cranberry is a very surprising berry. It goes just as well with sweet and savoury dishes! Thanks to its sweet yet tangy taste, this fresh fruit pairs wonderfully with your meats, fish, vegetables or even soups.


1. Orange zest and cranberry bruschetta

An appetizer enjoyed by all, bruschetta constantly reinvents itself to vary the pleasures and delight your guests. In this delicious bruschetta recipe with fresh cranberries, treat yourself to a unique and delicate blend of flavours. Start your meals off right with this colourful dish!


2. Melted brie with cranberries and walnuts

To heat up winter days or enjoy as an appetizer to be shared with friends, here’s an original recipe for melted brie with fresh cranberries! A few simple base ingredients, a few minutes in the oven at medium heat, and you’re all set.


3. Butternut squash curry with fresh cranberries

Don’t know how to prepare your butternut squash? We have the ideal fresh cranberry and squash recipe for you! Enjoy a gentle sweet-savoury blend of festive flavours and—above all—a hefty helping of comfort with our vegetarian curry recipe with cranberries.


Prepare juices and desserts with your fresh cranberries

Finally, to enhance your dishes made with raw cranberries, a multitude of cranberry juice and dessert recipes should be tried at home. Here are two ideas for enjoying sweet flavours with just a few simple, healthy ingredients.


1. Chocolate bark

Feel like a dessert that’s as delicious as it is simple to make? This delicious blend of chocolate, fresh cranberries, nuts, and spices is a little bit of happiness in every bite-size piece. A fresh cranberry and chocolate recipe that will satisfy both young and old!


2. Cranberry kombucha

Are you a fan of fermented beverages? This homemade kombucha recipe is for you! Create your favourite drink yourself with a brand-new fresh flavour.

This recipe with fresh cranberries enhances the taste of kombucha. It will also allow you to take advantage of its benefits in an original beverage. Happy tasting!


Your favourite berries from Quebec in all kinds of sauces

Now you know what to do with fresh cranberries! From September to December, head to your grocery store to take advantage of them. Try one of our recipes made with fresh cranberries.

Fans of these little red berries, stay tuned: we regularly offer you new dishes to try at home. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about our latest culinary discoveries.


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