2nd edition


The second edition of our #gratitude event was held on October 16. A week earlier the weatherman was predicting a rainy day, but in the end the event took place under partly cloudy skies – without a single drop of rain!

What is #gratitude?

#gratitude is a day when we take time to reap the harvest and gather together. It’s also an opportunity to show our gratitude to Mother Nature for the bountiful berries she gives us. And it’s an invitation to our content creators to discover our universe.

This time, our guests were invited to come in the early afternoon for the traditional cranberry harvest. Everyone donned overalls and congregated in the middle of the flooded bog. After taking photos and selfies and a few fresh cranberry bites, our guests gathered to learn more about our brand and all we do to foster sustainable development.

Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse


Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse

Next, the group headed to the second site for more activities. They learned how to make cranberry sauce from a few basic ingredients and adapt the recipe to individual tastes – even make it in the microwave. (The recipe will be posted soon on our site.) The workshop, given by Annie from Science & Fourchette, was a terrific success.

Our guests took a moment to reconnect with nature during a yoga class led by Eve Guilbert, performing postures in the middle of a field full of lit-up trees, surrounded by fallen leaves, with the sound of running water nearby. This unique experience gave everyone a little time to find their centre again.


Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse


Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse


Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse

The day ended with a “5 à 7” cocktail hour, as guests chatted and enjoyed a bite to eat around the fireplace. Since this was the first time most had met beyond social media, it gave them a great chance to talk about everything under the sun. Rose of 1 ou 2 Cocktails was behind the bar to serve cocktails based on our blueberry and cherry juices, along with a home-style syrup made from our dried cranberries. (Stay tuned for one of the recipes, which will be posted soon in our recipe section.) After giving them a little more to eat, a slice of cake and coffee, we sent our guests home with full bellies and heads full of wonderful memories.


Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse

Photo credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle

Photo credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle

Photo credit: Paméla Lajeunesse


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