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5 resolutions that will serve you well this year


January marks a new year and a fresh start. Which inevitably makes us think about resolutions, and the pressure that comes with them. What if we decided to do something different this year? What if, instead of trying to do what society expects of us, we just thought about our own well-being? What if you do something unique and choose January 25th as the date to start implementing your resolutions instead of January 1st?


Ask  yourself the right questions

When you feel truly ready to make a change in your life so that you can increase your happiness, make yourself a cup of tea, take out a pen and paper and ask yourself a few powerful questions. What does happiness mean to me? What do I need to put in place so I can do what I like more often? How can I find more time for the people I love? This is an essential exercise if you want to make the right resolutions… and keep them!


Dare to do something unconventional

Forget about the tired old traditional resolutions. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but this year, make the decision to invest in your happiness first and foremost by finding a lifestyle that reflects the real you – an everyday routine that takes it slow, with less technology and more time with the people you love. (If that’s what you want, of course.) Here are some simple but inspiring ideas.


1- Start Wednesday board game night

Playing classic board games with the family is a great way to get everyone together. Sure, board games have been around forever, but they never go out of style. The techies will moan that they’d rather stare at their tablets, but once they start to play the game, they’ll get hooked. What could be better than having fun with people you care about?


2- Try cardiac coherence

Looking for a concrete and straightforward way to reduce your stress? Then try cardiac coherence, a technique that harmonizes your heartbeat with your breathing. This exercise could help bring down your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. On January 1, download an app like My Cardiac Coherence and enjoy a more relaxed new year.


3- Create your own ”phone bo”

Are your eyes always glued to a screen? How about creating some technology-free zones in your life? The principle is simple: find a box and decorate it with fabric, colours, phrases, images – things you find inspiring. When you want to literally ”hang up,” put your phone in the box. This works really well whether you’re alone or with friends or family – especially when you’re having a romantic tête a tête!


4- Create a new bedtime routine

Your bedtime routine really affects how well you sleep. Obviously, scrolling through bad-news stories on social media is not the best thing to do before you try to doze off. Some studies say that the light on our screens makes sleep problems even worse. Turn off the technology and spend the last half hour before you turn out the lights drinking herbal tea and reading a novel, knitting or drawing mandalas, and you’ll sleep like the proverbial baby.


5- Sign up for a session of aerial yoga

Aerial yoga, boxing, climbing, tango – whatever you choose! This year, forget the gym and try something different – something you’re really excited about, something that’s beyond your comfort zone. If you sign up for a whole session you’re committing for two or three months, so you’re less likely to beg off. Try something different – really! 


That’s just a few ideas for starters. We hope our resolution suggestions have got you thinking. So: what new habit will make you happier this year?




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