With our bellies full of delicious squares, we began reflecting on the holiday season that was fast approaching. To launch the season, which is often very busy and can leave many of us feeling frazzled, I like to set aside time for arts and crafts. I start by choosing a project, either a handmade gift, gift wrap or decorations. Of course, I don’t make everything! But taking the time to make a few things helps put me in the holiday mood, which is all about sharing, having fun and being together. It’s one of my favourite tricks to connect with the family and remain calm before the Christmas party season begins. It calms the body and soul, making room for conversation and truly enjoyable moments. You could call it our “slowing-down” time. My kids enjoy these moments, especially my oldest son, Henri, who is almost 4 years old. The holiday season gives me the opportunity to share our family values, such as taking the time to do something nice for someone you care about by putting lots of love into what you prepare.

One of Henri’s favourite Christmas crafts is preparing personalized gift wrap. It’s so easy! It’s also unique and creates beautiful variety under the tree.

And the pride in his eyes, well, it’s priceless!


– Kraft or white paper, large enough to wrap a gift and ideally made of recycled fibres – Gouache paint
– A potato
– A knife
– A paint brush


  1. First, think about the motifs you’d like to use for your gift wrap. There’s no right or wrong! Here, Henri opted for a very simple Christmas tree.
  2. Cut the potato in half and use a pencil to trace the shape of your motif. This will serve as a guide when you cut out the shape. Use a knife to cut out your motif. *
  3. Once the stamp is ready, prepare your space: spread the paper on the table and tape down each corner. This will help your little one with the activity.
  4. Use the brush to spread paint on the stamp. Be careful, don’t use too much!
  5. Stamp the motif on the paper.
  6. There are no rules; just have fun! When you’ve got it just right, let the paint dry, and then wrap your gift!


*Choose something simple for your motif. This is not the time or place for a knife-cutting competition! And anyway, if the motif is too detailed, it won’t stamp properly on the paper and the paint will likely run. A simple motif will look nicer and be less frustrating to work with.

Thanks to our collaborator

Ruban Cassette

Ruban Cassette nourishes an appreciation for the everyday and its simplicity, which is embraced with care and love. Modern life being what it is, I make an effort everyday to extract the beauty from the ordinary. I try to slow down, contemplate, and appreciate. Even if I work, I believe that life at home is extraordinary and offers a depth and unity that needs to be savoured.

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