Three new snacks + 1 secret ingredient – it’s a first!


You may be wondering where the concept for Chococrunch Bites came from. Well, we have this strong desire to innovate, do something different and meet consumers’ expectations, all in aid of drawing your attention to the benefits of our products.

We wanted to offer you a gourmet snack – without the guilt that often goes with that gourmet label! And so we decided to use our new secret ingredient: Cranflakes®, with a unique taste and texture.


Okay, but what exactly are Cranflakes®?

This is a brand-new ingredient, pretty much unknown and not seen on the marketplace till now. Why? Because we’re the ones who invented it! Actually, Cranflakes® are, quite simply, little flakes of cranberry with no added sugar, dried at low temperature to concentrate the benefits. Besides adding a tangy, crunchy note to our chocolate bites, Cranflakes® are a source of fiber.



Discovering our three new flavours

Our new snacks, made from chocolate, our new Cranflakes® and crunchy brown rice, come in three great flavours: 60% Dark Chocolate & Coconut, Milk Chocolate & Chia, and 60% Dark Chocolate & Chai Spices. But that’s not all – they also contain other ingredients that add terrific taste and unique benefits! Let yourself be tempted, and we bet that before long, you’ll be adding them to your own personal list of the top five guilt-free snacks in the whole world!


Stay tuned to learn more about Cranflakes®, the new mystery ingredient in our Chococrunch Bites, and why we decided to launch this new line of snacks on the market.

Feeling a bit peckish?  Well, our new range of chocolate bites is now available at many grocery stores and natural food stores around Quebec. Want to know our favourite ways of enjoying these yummy morsels? Then read this article: Three great ways to enjoy our Chococrunch Bites.


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