Cooking, A Family Activity


A Power Snack for the Whole Family

Much to my delight, my children’s favourite family activity is cooking. Even at such a young age, my boys adore cooking, and often ask for it when we spend time at home. It’s a way for us to slow down and connect with each other. It’s also a chance for the family to tap into the seasons and the outside world. That’s important to me, and early on I wanted to involve them and get them working with real kitchen utensils. They have a good time, they learn and they’re so proud of themselves! In order to learn, assimilate and enjoy the activity, you have to take your time.


Naturally, you have to make sure you have the time, and I think that’s what I like best about cooking with my boys: we’re not in a hurry, we have time to discover tastes and textures, we chat and we laugh. And after a while, doors seem to open to spontaneous conversation, and I have direct and privileged access to my sons’ fascinating inner worlds.


Before starting a holiday craft project, we like to prepare a healthy snack, such as these oatmeal squares with pumpkin seeds and spiced cranberries. That way, our tummies are nice and full as we kick off our craft project.


This recipe is easy to make with kids, who can hardly contain their joy as they pour and mix the ingredients. The squares are perfect for snacks and even breakfast, because they’re made with simple, healthy and nourishing ingredients. I also like the fact that they contain very little sugar, salt or fat. And they have a unique little twist, thanks to a secret ingredient: a package of “Spice Oasis” cranberry snack mix by Patience Fruit & Co!

Thank you to our collaborator

Ruban Cassette

Ruban Cassette nourishes an appreciation for the everyday and its simplicity, which is embraced with care and love. Modern life being what it is, I make an effort everyday to extract the beauty from the ordinary. I try to slow down, contemplate, and appreciate. Even if I work, I believe that life at home is extraordinary and offers a depth and unity that needs to be savoured.

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