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10 Easy Tips for Successful Autumn Camping


Even though the days are getting shorter and the temperature is falling, autumn is a wonderful season for tent camping. For maximum enjoyment, here are a few tips to take full advantage of the colors of nature during the fall season.


1. Bundle up to keep the chill out

Cold will be your biggest enemy. Choose a “mummy” style sleeping bag suitable for cooler temperatures. The temperature rating (or thermal insulation) of your sleeping bag should be listed at least -7 to -12°C late in the season.


2. Leave cotton at home

To keep from shivering all night long, leave your cotton clothing at home. Because they retain moisture, leave them out. Instead, choose fabrics such as merino wool, polypropylene or polyester, which retain warmth and let moisture through.


3. Cover your head

Your head is where most of your body heat escapes. Put on a warm cap whenever the temperature drops. It’s also an essential sleep accessory to keep your body heat in.


4. Insulate yourself from the ground

A mattress with an insulated layer is also a good idea to protect yourself from the cold, damp ground. Most self-inflating mattresses include one. This is a great tip for getting great sleep, even in October!


5. Eat hot meals

To warm up throughout your camping trip, stock up on chicken noodle soup, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. For maximum warmth and comfort, enjoy these foods in your hammock or around a fire.


6. Good to the last drop

And to make sure you can enjoy your piping hot beverages to the last drop, use a thermos. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to settle for cold coffee!


7. Instant light

Once summer has passed, the days get shorter and night can fall quickly. To keep from having to cook in the dark, be sure you have a forehead-mounted light with an LED bulb. And why not use a few candles for a wonderful atmosphere at dinnertime?


8. Ah, the campfire

Be sure to keep your fire burning so you can keep warn at any time of the day. Nothing is more relaxing than a cozy autumn campfire in the middle of the afternoon with a nice mug of hot chocolate… or a glass of wine!


9. Don’t sweat it

The cold can also be your best friend when it comes to autumn sports. Take advantage of cooler temperatures to go on a hike without breaking a full sweat and enjoy the enchanting, colorful landscapes.


10. Go ahead, sleep in

And don’t forget to sleep late in your tent, since the sunrise won’t roast you alive like in the summertime. Once again, cooler temperatures have their advantages!


If you love peace and quiet and hate mosquitos—that’s right, annoying critters are off duty in the fall—autumn camping is the way to go. So don’t put away your tent quite yet; you might just fall in love with a quick autumn getaway.


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