5 Activities to do Outdoors during the Wintertime


Get Ready to Play! 

In wintertime, it is not always easy to get motivated and go outside to enjoy the day with our gang. It’s a normal reaction, it’s cold and we have to pack on at 40 layers of clothing before heading out. It would definitively be easier to overlook the adverse reaction your body has at the sight of snow with a list of a few fun activities to do with the family.

Despite everything, it is important to get some fresh air even if it makes our nostrils stick together. It clears our head, allows us to spend some quality time with the family, is great for your health, and provides you with your daily dose of Vitamin D! Why not also take advantage of the cold weather to enjoy a delicious soup outside to warm our hearts?

Here are a few ideas of fun activities you can do outside with your family, and a delicious recipe to enjoy for the occasion.

A Giant Labyrinth

Whether done in your backyard, in the park, or at the neighbours, making a labyrinth is really cool. All you need is a shovel (or snow blower for the lazier folk out there) and to dig a winding road in the snow. The bigger the backyard, the better. Once everything is dug up, get on all fours and play cat and mouse. We guarantee hours of fun!


Make Wintertime Art

Many possibilities open up to us when time comes to be creative. During the past years, we have tested multiple things with my little artists! Here are my favorites:

  • Snow Graffiti

All you need to do is dilute a bit of chalk dust into water and spray it as you wish on the snow. Cheap spray bottles can be bought at the dollar store. You can create different colors, and let your creativity shine.

  • Ice Sculpture

Take a milk carton, fill it with water, and ask the children to pack it with fir branches, cranberries, pinecones, etc. Once everything is frozen, take it out the carton, and make it a lovely centerpiece (until it melts).

  • Snowball-Styled Outdoor Lighting

Pile up the snowballs around a small outdoor lamp to create an enchanting entrance to your home!

Luminous Accuracy Game

During winter, darkness can fall really early. Why not take advantage of the obscurity to try out this accuracy game? First fill water bottles up to the 3/4 and add, once nighttime has arrived, fluorescent light sticks. Place the bottles on a stair ramp, a step, or on a small snow hill. The challenge is to knock them all over using snowballs, or even by turning it into a bowling match!


Frozen Potato

Find an old set of Mr. Potato, and use the parts to create silly characters with snowballs everywhere in the backyard! Create a whole village of characters or even an army of Mr. Potatoes! Uncontrollable laughter is guaranteed!


Tuque War

This movie marked my youth, as well as my children’s with the animated remake. Why not organize a huge snowball fight with your neighbours and their parents? Each player on their side of the street: on your marks, set, go! To complete the day on a high note, gather around a small outdoor fire with a warm soup.


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Cinq Fourchettes

Cinq Fourchettes is a team of moms who believe in a healthy diet for their kids but who also don't want to spend their lives in the kitchen. They search for the best products for a low cost, and who enjoy having fun!

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