Snacks Variety Pack

In this Snacks Variety Pack

You will find 13 Grab-and-go formats 28g/60g:

2 Dried Sliced Cranberries, No Added Sugar- 28g
2 Whole & Soft Wild Blueberries, sweetened with apple juice- 28g
2 Whole & Juicy Dried Cranberries, sweetened with apple juice- 28g
2 Fruit Blend, sweetened with cane sugar- 28g
1 SourCran Peach Candy – 60g
1 SourCran Cherry Candy – 60g
1 SourCran Strawberry Candy – 60g
1 SourCran Raspberry Candy – 60g
1 SourCran Watermelon Candy – 60g

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Our cranberries are a 100% made in Quebec, inspired and grown by local farmers.