Say hello to raspberry!


The Patience Fruit & Co team is proud to launch a great new flavor in our range of Chococrunch Bites snacks.

Discover our new flavor Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, a chocolate delight that you’ll love!

Yogourt avec bouchées chococroquantes - Yogurt with chcocrunch bites


The new flavor of Chococrunch Bites makes a great addition to our existing range of three delicious flavors. Dark chocolate, raspberries as well as the slightly acidic taste of our cranberries with no added sugar (Cranflakes®) combine to offer a truly distinctive taste!

Made from 60% dark chocolate, raspberry powder, Cranflakes® and crunchy brown rice, these fruity, chocolatey morsels have a very short list of ingredients. Raspberries contain high levels of polyphenols, making this new flavor the top source of polyphenols in the whole range.

Healthful, organic Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Chococrunch Bites offer an exceptional taste experience – truly a one-of-a-kind snack!



Made from chocolate, Cranflakes® and crunchy brown rice, the four flavors in the range are exquisitely delicious, with a divine crunchy texture!

Each snack has its own smooth and distinctive combination of ingredients: 60% Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, 60% Dark Chocolate and Coconut, 60% Dark Chocolate & Chai Spices, plus Milk Chocolate & Chia.

All organic, non-GMO and gluten-free, they’re a great source of fibre, iron and polyphenols. It all adds up to fabulous flavor plus a bevy of health benefits!


Une filiale de Fruit d'or

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