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A routine to get the most from your day off


The importance of taking time for yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past two years, it’s that taking time for myself is important for my physical and spiritual health.

For a long time, I was unstoppable. I pushed myself to do and see everything. One day, however, I reached the point of exhaustion. I promised myself then and there that it wouldn’t happen again.

Since then, I’ve turned my blog into a small business dedicated to sharing my desire to lead a full yet balanced lifestyle. Here, I’m going to share a few of my favourite tricks to recharge my batteries on a day off. I do this routine at Bromont, as I’m lucky enough to go there whenever I find the time or feel the need to. I usually go at least once a month.

This simple routine allows me to reconnect with nature and get some well-deserved rest. When I get back to work, I’m much more productive than I was before I took a break!

No matter if you’re a student, a busy mom, a multitasking entrepreneur just like me or simply in search of ways to take better care of yourself, this routine is for you.



1. Setting a purpose for the day 

First of all, I like to select a purpose for the day. That’s why before even getting out of bed, I meditate for a few minutes, during which I remind myself that the day is all mine, that I’ve chosen to dedicate it to my happiness and well-being. 

2. Enjoying the morning

Then, I enjoy a delicious vanilla almond milk latte. I often drink my coffee outside so I can fully enjoy my day spent outdoors.

3. Recentering myself with yoga

To slowly wake up my body, I like to to do a few sun salutations. Beginning and ending my day with a bit of yoga gives me an opportunity to focus on what’s important and to fully relax.

4. Exercising

Once I’ve had breakfast, I like to get my endorphins flowing by exercising in the mountain. My favourite workout, without a doubt, is a quick run in the mountain followed by a sun-drenched workout session.

5. Taking time to cook or eat at your favourite restaurant

Finally, depending on how I feel, I either make myself a tall glass of iced tea to sip by the pool or I treat myself to a meal at Pur et Simple, my favourite neighbourhood restaurant, to nourish my body and mind.


Simple and effective

This simple, but oh so effective routine makes me feel great every time I do it!

Also, if you’d like to try out a new iced tea recipe, here’s a delicious version I created with Patience Fruits & Co’s organic cranberry juice!

See recipe


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patience Fruit & Co.

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