Since the launch of our brand in 2015, the Oatbox team, a small Montreal business that offers authentic and healthy breakfast options delivered straight to your doorstep, represents a source of inspiration for us. Innovative, creative, and above all, local, Oatbox is the perfect example of an inspiring company with whom we love to work!


In the recent October month, the Oatbox team graced us with their visit for a photoshoot in our flooded cranberry fields. During this encounter, we had the privileged to witness them completely immersed in a “creative frenzy”, an experience that proved to be extremely enriching for us! One thing is obvious, they are definitely not lacking in the original idea department! 


Marie-Michèle Le Moine, Directrice of detail division at Patience Fruit & Co and Julie Zyromski, Culinary Director of Oatbox

For Oatbox, creativity and innovation is at the core of all they create, and it is what makes them so remarkable to us. These values are reflected not only in the presentation of their products, but also in the originality of the ingredient combinations. This being said, it was with obvious delight that Julie, cofounder of Oatbox, put on her slightly too large overalls on that faithful day. Being herself the daughter of farmers, her natural ease in the field of cranberries was easily noticeable. During this exchange of experience and knowledge, we found out more about the values of the company which puts on a pedestal the know-how of farmers and the art of cultivating the earth. 

Proud of their heritage, the Montreal-based business believes that “it is very important to maintain a close relationship with their producers and with those that work day and night to provide the best quality ingredients possible”. This is why their products are always made from simple, natural, and for the most part, organic ingredients. 


Julie Zyromski, Culinary Director of Oatbox

During this mild autumn day, we brainstormed opportunities for future collaborations and built lasting bonds with one of the most authentic and inspiring local businesses that we’ve had the privileged to meet. 

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and long life to Oatbox! 

Thanks to our collaborator

Patience Fruit & Co

At Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, we believe that doing things right is better than rushing through them. This is why we tend to our berries every step of the way. We personally plant them, care for them, harvest them and prepare them.

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