Bookshelves with style: How to build your own


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I am always looking for a fun and easy DIY that can help me get organized. I found this quick and easy way to add a little extra shelving and a whole lot of style for a great price.

You can buy the wooden crates shown here at your local Home Depot or you could always use vintage crates, which would look great as well.

There are so many great ways to use these crates, like as a movable bookshelf or as a bedside table. Add pretty wallpaper or gift wrap onto the backside interior of the crates as an extra styling tip. Add a lamp and some books and you have an amazing side table!

The Material

2 or 3 crates
2 or 4 mending plates (2”)
4 castors (3”)
Wood glue

The Steps

  1. Add the castors to the bottom of one of the crates with the screwdriver and ¼ inch screws.


  2. Run wood glue along the slats on top of the crate with the castors.


  3. Stack the crate on top and push the slates together in order for the glue to stick. You can use grips or place a heavy object on top of the crate to help press the glue together. Attach the mending plates to the back of the crates on both sides. Follow steps 2 through 4 to add extra crates.



Cut a template the size of the interior back of the crate and apply to the paper you are using and trace the outline. Cut the paper and stick to the back of the crate with double sided tape.


If you want taller shelving you can add as many crates as you like!

Have fun and be patient with yourself when doing a DIY. Remember, good things take time!

Thanks to our collaborator


Trudy Crane, Montreal interior designer and potter, shares her love for minimalist aesthetics (and the colour white) on her design blog, lookslikewhite.

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