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Freeze whole bags of fresh cranberries and enjoy them all year in your smoothies, muffins and more!

Grown in canada

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Nothing but goodness!

We are dedicated organic farmers. We don’t use any genetically modified ingredients, synthetic chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.

Known for their antioxidant properties, polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries. We only harvest our berries when they are fully grown and their color shines bright, which is when their polyphenol level is highest.

A year-round treat

Fresh cranberries can be frozen directly in their packaging. This is an easy way for you to stock up while the berries are in season, and cook with them year-round, frozen or thawed. Cranberries contain very little sugar; you can sweeten to your taste with honey, maple syrup, or another desired sweetener.

Versatile goodness

Savory or sweet, playing the starring role or serving as a humble accompaniment, fresh cranberries are always there to meet the moment. Try them in a holiday sauce, dipped in chocolate for dessert, or added to a smoothie or fruit spread at breakfast.

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Our cranberries are a 100% made in Quebec, inspired and grown by local farmers