Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

These Chococrunch Bites provide an exceptional taste experience as you enjoy the made-in-heaven combination of 60% dark chocolate, raspberries and our Cranflakes®.  It’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart – your new favourite snack!

Dark Chocolate & Coconut

You must try these decadent bites that burst in a perfect balance of flavours. The subtle taste of coconut, plus 60% cacao dark chocolate, unsweetened cranberry flakes and crunchy brown rice, add up to a masterpiece for the mouth!

Milk Chocolate & Chia

Deliciously chocolatey and crunchy, these bites bring you the surprising and delectable combo of milk chocolate, brown rice and chia seeds, lifted to a whole new level by the tangy taste of  our Cranflakes®.

Dark Chocolate & Chai Spices

These chocolatey bites will make your taste buds quiver with delight. The 60% dark chocolate makes a marvellous match for our tangy unsweetened cranberry flakes and the unique flavor of chai spices.